Why the Republic of Panama?      

The 2nd International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture (ICCEA 2017) will take place in the Republic of Panama, at the Hotel El Panama between May 17 through 19, 2017. The Panamanian Government is committed to teaching and training farmers in the latest technology advancements in greenhouse, vertical farms, precision and protected agriculture. We cordially invite you to visit the country to attend this year’s conference.

Panama is a privileged country for its strategic geographic location; the Panama Canal without question drives the economy of the country and the continent as a whole. With the expansion of the third set of locks, Panama is poised for increased economic growth. The Panamanian government has enacted laws to improve and implement high tech agriculture in the country with robust financial aid and updated regulations. Panama is the hub of the Americas with direct flights to all main capitals from the North American continent and Europe. It is also an incredibly vibrant and diverse tourist destination.

Why Attend?

The ICCEA 2017 offers an opportunity to learn from the most innovative minds in the industry. Speakers will focus on the skills and knowledge needed to finance, design and operate a successful and innovative farm operation, again be it an indoor vertical farm, greenhouses or a combination of a protected and controlled environment. The event will focus on the six main areas of controlled environment agriculture (CEA)…


  1. Environment
  2. Nutrient Solutions
  3. Growing Systems
  4. Light
  5. Water
  6. Energy

This year’s Key Note Speaker is Dr. Toyoki Kozai from Chiba University in Japan. Currently Dr. Kozai is leading Research and Development of Controlled Environment Agriculture with a primary focus on Vertical Farms (Plant Factories) for commercial food production. Dr.  Kozai is a Professor Emeritus and an Endowed Chair at the Center for Environment, Health and Filed Sciences at Chiba University.

Since 2010 Dr. Kozai has been working as the Chief-Director of the Japan Plant Factory (Vertical Farm) Association, a non-profit organization for the advancement of the industry.

ICCEA 2017 Highlights:

ICCEA 2017 addresses important issues facing food production.    

Global agriculture is facing a series of crisis in food production due in part to climate change, increased pests and pathogen problems. Add the high costs of production, lack of qualified field workers, the rising world population, among other problems and it’s a perfect storm of constant pressure of available food supplies. The Topics Program of ICCEA 2017 will provide solutions to some of these problems by the implementation and proper management of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), as used in greenhouse, vertical farms and ag tech.

Our Program

ICCEA 2017 is divided into 3 days. The main six components CEA will be discussed in conferences by industry expert speakers, as well as panelists from companies sharing real-world applications for the betterment of your business. In addition, we will have an Exhibition Hall with participation from major companies from around the world.

For a detailed Program Outline of the 3 days, please visit our website at:

Highlights of some of our Speakers:


Exhibitors at ICCEA 2017:

Nuetech Led Lights was incorporated in Singapore with the vision of supporting the vertical farming industry to produce greener and cleaner foods. Our key motivation has come from the real threats of global warming and over population. Specifically, the availability of arable farm land for the cultivation of crops is a key concern in feeding the growing global population. Nuetech is motivated to move upwards (vertically) for the intelligent use of space.

Hyper toxic insecticides instill fear in consumers as the unknowing of what is being consumed is a cause of great concern, and is a real threat to human health.

Nuetech was formed by a group of companies with a variety of specialized skill sets with manufacturing experience dating back to 1970. We are currently a multi-billion dollar company with multiple manufacturing facilities located throughout China. Nuetech specializes in ODM and OEM products for a major multinational corporation in the home appliance, audio and optics sector.
In product development and innovation, our technical team is comprised of lighting, biology and hydroponic specialists devoted to exploring new technologies. We put our best-of-breed knowledge into conceptualizing innovative products for applications specific to vertical farming and greenhouse lighting requirements.

Nuetech has a vision to provide sustainable solutions to the vertical farming and greenhouse industries and by supporting these industries to produce greener and cleaner foods we can feed the growing global population in a healthy, nutritious and sustainable manner.

Nuetech: Designed for sustainable commercial farming.
For more information, please visit us at or write to: Rich Andrews at

Reserve your Exhibition Space!

If you are interested in reaching a fast growing market for Controlled Environment Agriculture products and services, the ICCEA 2017 is the place for you.

At the Exhibition Hall there are only 40 spaces available to promote your products and services to the North, South and Central American market – a market of nearly 1 billion people. You can view the floor plans of exhibition spaces below. Also, click on the photos and view our complete Commercial Kit.

We already have a number of exhibition spaces reserved and since space is limited we urge you to reserve your booth before they are all gone.

For more information on how to exhibit at this world-class conference, please visit us at

Booth spaces are filling up fast! There are still some spaces available at our exhibition hall. Contact us to reserve a space now before they are all gone!

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